Seneca’s equipment is a vital arm of the business. In order to ensure stable, sustainable,
long-term growth of our business within the harsh African environment, Seneca has placed
huge impetus on maintenance, support and technical guidance to our site management.
We employ predictive and preventative maintenance strategies and have full service
histories on all our equipment. We employ a large staff compliment of excellent, dedicated
and experienced technicians, artisans, mechanics, hydraulic and electrical specialists,
boilermakers and support. Our staff are constantly undergoing training to improve their
efficiency and quality of work.
Seneca has large stockholdings of spares and consumables for our equipment fleet, so as to
minimise downtime and to ensure improved equipment availability and efficiency.
Seneca’s engineering department includes an inhouse design, drawing and fabrication
process. Here, manufacturing is carried out to the highest standard with the latest and best
materials available in the market. Our design is supported by years of on-site, in-the-field
experience, data collection so as to ensure improved deliverables for our clients.