Seneca has vast experience in the processing of minerals, specifically in the Northern Cape iron ore and manganese fields. Seneca offers Multi-Stage crushing and screening equipment specifically suited to the tough, highly abrasive conditions. We meet and often exceed the high production demands set out by our clients and offer mobile crushing throughput of up to 450 tons per hour – iron ore.

Typical product specifications;

Iron Ore (Fe) Lumpy (6,3-31,5mm)
Fines (0-6,3mm)

Manganese (Mn) Lumpy (8-65mm)
Fines (0-8mm)

Coal (0-50mm)
Duff (0-6mm)
Peas (6-20mm)
Nuts (20-50mm)

In any greenfield and smaller scale mining operation, where the feasibility of initial high capital outlay for static crushing equipment is in question, Seneca’s fleet of mobile equipment is best suited. We can deliver spec product, ready to be sold, through a range of crushing processes within a very short space of time. Our ability to change our crushing and screening processes on-the-fly to adapt to increased capacity requirements or changes in the feed ore, offers our clients a tangible, flexible advantage.

Established mines often require a temporary capacity increase or change to their existing static crushing and screening process. We offer short, medium to long term solutions with a range of capacity options. Our flexibility to shift and change our mobile crushing and screening process on-the-go allows our clients to test the feasibility of a possible process or capacity change requirement in their static plant prior to any capex requirement for costly change to be affected. Our crushing solutions can remain in place whilst any now tried and tested change is affected and commissioned.